Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Jewelry Giveaway!

Free LC Merch giveaway every month!

Every month I will pull a name from a box during a Youtube video. (: You may pick anything under $15.00 from our photo albums. How amazing is that? :D

How to enter:
There are 4 ways to be entered in the monthly contests.

1.You post a Love Cute banner on your page.(For a whole month.)
2.You make us a fan sign. (:
3.Post bulletins w/ the LC support banner!
4.Add us on your Top Friends! (your Top friends MUST be visible,&& you must send us a comment or msg!)

Its just THAT simple!!! You do NOT get entered more than once if you do all four.Sorry.Everyone gets ONE entry.

Any questions? leave em here loves!

You can add us here:link