Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Featuring: DestinationDesign

Featuring: DestinationDesign!

Q:Lets start off my getting to know you:
Hi! My name is Ann, 19, and a proud mommy of a beautiful one year old daughter. I currently reside in TX, but I'm a Cali girl through and through. I wish to attend college to get that education I want and need. But until then, I craft, and oh, how I love to craft!

Q:When did you first decide you wanted to make jewelry?
I remember sitting on my butt, wondering how I want to help my parents out on taking care of my four month old daughter (at the time). They are so supportive, mentally and financially. I appreciate it, but I would rather contribute, even if it's just a penny. Although I do have money, it's not enough. So as I did the usual on Facebook, I saw an ad from Etsy, asking if I love handmade. Of course I love handmade! I clicked and I was hooked onto Etsy. Realizing what I can do after searching for a good two hours, I brought out some polymer clay that was hidden in my closet, and started to make miniature cakes. From then on, I learned and improved on making jewelry. Also, I'm doing what I love! Being crafty while getting some extra cash.

Q:Favorite artists?
Currently, Muse is on my hot list (although I'm still iffy on their current album). Some of my other favorite artists include Kate Voegele, OneRepublic, Super Junior, and Metallica. No matter what song they come out with, I love, or like it.

Q:Where do you get your inspiration from?:
As my store states, all items are Japanese inspired. The culture in Japan is quite attractive, in my opinion. Their style of lolita/kawaii/hime just lures me and makes me wish that I'm still a teenager without a kid. That way, I could dress up like them everyday! My grandmother lived in Japan in her teenager years (she's Taiwanese/Chinese), and that influence what's happening in my shop. Because of expertise of Japan, she has the Japanese channel bundle from our cable provider, which I watch to keep up with their style. I also research online, and through magazines. With these media put together, I become inspire and just make the ideas that goes through my mind.

Q:Any tips for beginners?
To beginners, be patient! Sales do not come that quickly! It takes time, hard work, and lots of high spirits. You have to commit, make improvements, and never give up! Also, I would like to say that tagging your items is the key to sales. USE ALL 14 TAGS. I swear, they make everything easy and puts you in searches more.

Cute Etsy Finds Sept. 30th.

So I am always searching etsy for cute items.I tend to like cute japanese inspired items such as clothing and jewelry.I've decided it'd be fun to do. (: I'd like to introduce you to some of my favorite items on etsy! (:

I am in love with this little deer. (: This cutie is from EnnaDesign's Shop She makes so many cute little things from felt and fleece. (: Her deers arent the only cute things available in her shop!

I have always loved resin jewelry.I've tried it but I never got it down right.This cute necklace is perfect for summer.Yummy icecreams are incased inside! (: Essem Design makes super kawaii jewelry! You should check out her shop!

IceCreamCandy made this adorable Blythe ring.(: The rhinestones on the outside give it a classy look.Love it! (: It has a very lolita and kawaii feel to it.Swarovski crystals are like the icing on the cake.

Possibly the cutest and funniest thing i've seen.What could be better than having a fish you never have to feed? One that you can take everywhere! Love Your Bling has plently of kawaii items for sale! Check her out (:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LC: New items

Loves! (: I wanna show ya'll some NEW items I've been working on.These are all available in my etsy store. (:
This is a halloween cupcake that features white icing && candy corn pieces. YUM! (: Small enough to put on a ring!

I've seen some xbox 360 charms but never one that had everything on it! I've included the "battery pack" and all the buttons! Not just the ones on the front.

You can check these out on my Etsy shop. (: