Saturday, October 10, 2009

Updates for Oct. 10th

Hey guys! So I've been working a ton. Ohh big shock there.haha. I've been doing a lot of working on custom orders. I;ve had like NO money to ship out packages and feel HORRIBLE for it. ):Freakin BB&T screwed up my bank account and refuse to fix it leaving me with a unjust overdraft fee.

I have been playing around with lighting and my camera. Been so happy to make new things in hopes it will bring new business and I will get the chance to share my creativity with the world. Mkay so now onto the new items! (: All which are available in my etsy shop:
Love-Cute Etsy Shop

Black Bow Necklace-$25.50

Berry Strawberry Studs-$5.50

Yummy Star Cookie Necklace-$10.00