Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vacation Mode yet again

Just a quick update to let ya'll know whats going on....My cat went missing on the 18th and hadn't come in all day which isn't like him at all.Well,on the 19th around 2:40 am,i got worried.Posted a status on facebook and one of my friends responded saying he thinks he saw my cat on the road....After driving up there and believing it wasn't him,I went back to searching && hoping. I finally broke down and posted a craigslist lost ad.Today I got a reply through yet another craigslist ad telling me that on the 18th,there was a cat that looked like mine dead on the road....the same cat i believed wasnt mine.....

My shop will remain closed for the time being.All orders have been shipped out.This is a rough time right now...I will be trying to keep my mind off of this and maybe make some new items. Please bare with me....

R.I.P Leo
April 15,2007-November 18,2009