Sunday, December 20, 2009

A new schedule && the new year news!

Hello loves. There are about 5 days until Christmas! (: How exciting is that?! Anyways,I wanted to tell you all that the FREE GIFTS are still going on in my etsy store. (: There won't be any more shipping now though before Christmas. So if you order something now,there won't be anyway to get it to you before Christmas.

I wanted to also talk about this new schedule I'm going to try out.I havent been able to make any new items or ANYTHING cause of so much thats been going on in my life right now && I hate it. I find I have like NO time to do any of the fun things i love like drawing on my tablet or making bags or whatever. :/ i wanna take back the fun things I miss and start a schedule.

I also wanna expand love cute to other mediums such as clothing and totes.This will all come in the new year. (: I'm so excited to start doing other things since I seem to get bored doing just one thing...I am also in the process of taking better pictures for my etsy shop and posting our new gift packaging. (:

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