Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm baaacckkkkk

Loves!!! Its been way too long since I've gotten to be able to focus on my shop && making new items but finally it has happend!! I am officially a high school graduate. (: My dad says he doesnt want me to do summer classes like i originally wanted to which means this summer I will be all about LoveCute. Making it a nicer store with faster shipping and lots o' freebies. (: Sadly i missed love cutes 1 year anniversary!!! ): I am pretty upset.I was so wrapped up in my books it isnt funny.

I wanna make some new jewelry as well as a tote bag or two. (: New shoes will be coming shortly such as flats and flip flops. (: I shall be updating the shop throughout this week as I have nothing to do now. Keep an eye on it loves <3

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