Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer 09---New line!

Hello lovelies! (: So its the kick off of the Summer! && I am preparing to come out with a summer line! It has no set date so far so yeahh.I'm currently trying to find a job so I can pay for my car. oh yeah! btw...I got a new car.My old one as seen as the craft show pictures.It was falling apart. Sooo mom and dad surprised me with this one below! :D I pay the payments so I NEED to find a new job and sell lots of cute jewelry! (:

Also,the magazine came in!!! My Alice in Wonderland DELUXE necklace was featured in Marie Claire-Spain issue. I am so happy and honored to have a piece of my jewelry in such a big magazine! If you live in Spain,check it out! Its the June issue! (:


Thanks to all the followers! (:
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